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Fathers in the United States are more involved than ever before, but gender equality, child development, and the country's wealth rely on advancing this movement, finds the first ever State of America’s Fathers report.

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"I am tremendously grateful to Promundo for continuing the work started through their 2011 Clinton Global Initiative commitment to engage men as fathers and caregivers and to promote research, practices and policies that are in the best interest of our families and gender equity."

Chelsea Clinton

Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation


"State of America's Fathers is a welcome step in laying out a plan for how fathers can be positive role models for their children and equal partners in parenting."

Jessica Seinfeld

Founder & Board President of GOOD+ Foundation


"The state of America's fathers is every bit as important as the state of America's mothers for our collective health and wealth. It is as demeaning to me to see them only as helpers in the home as it is to see women only as helpers or secondary workers in the office. Bravo to Promundo for putting fathers forward!"

Anne-Marie Slaughter

President & CEO of New America and author of Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family


"At Planned Parenthood we know that every family is unique and deserves to be supported and valued. It’s crucial that fathers are becoming more involved in parenting and sharing the responsibility of housework and childcare. All parents – fathers and mothers – need access to paid family leave, supportive workplaces, and affordable childcare. All parents should have the education, healthcare, and support they need to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe."

Cecile Richards

President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America


"More men than ever want to be actively involved in creating loving, healthy homes for their families. Unfortunately, as this report points out, our public policy is decades behind and even works against many parents – men and women. On this Father’s Day, we honor the power of fathers in raising the next generation of boys to value safe, healthy families and futures without violence for all."

Esta Soler

President & Founder of Futures Without Violence


"Gender equality in caregiving has widespread benefits, from the health of our children all the way to a more robust U.S. economy. We must support all parents, so equality isn't just for a select few. It is high time for mothers and fathers to have access to paid family leave, to parent equally, and to model healthy behavior."

Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Founder & CEO of The Representation Project and filmmaker of Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In


"A CALL TO MEN supports the fatherhood revolution and its potential to advance gender equality. Breaking out of the Man Box will allow fathers to be fully engaged as partners and caregivers. These fathers are sure to be part of the Next Generation of Manhood."

Ted Bunch

Co-Founder of A CALL TO MEN


"After State of the World's Fathers broke so much important ground, it’s great to see Promundo dive deeper, into the peculiar experience of dads in America. It’s an equally fascinating read, because Promundo takes such a comprehensive, unflinching look at how American fatherhood stands apart, for better and for worse."

Doug French

Co-Founder of the Dad 2.0 Summit