Where You'd Rather Be (English Subtitles)

Where You'd Rather Be (English Subtitles)

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Who Does What? (English Subtitles)

MenCare: Who will do what? Women carry the biggest burden of family life. In addition to paid work, they spend significantly more time than men on unpaid care and domestic work. It’s time we men step up and take on an equal share of the burden.

Ready to Go (English Subtitles)

Caring and involved dads raise happy children. Be that dad! The video was produced within the project MenCare – Promoting engaged and caring fatherhood which is supported by the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, Active Citizens Fund and Erasmus+.

Join the Movement: Time for Action

The inaugural State of the World’s Fathers, a landmark analysis of fatherhood, launched in 2015, inspiring advocacy and action with MenCare partners in over 40 countries. Now, it's time for action.

It’s About Time: The Case for Parental Leave

Hear from children how paid, equal, non-transferable leave for all parents can benefit us all in "It's About Time: The Case for Parental Leave."

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MenCare Brazil Film: Marcio’s Story

In Brazil, Marcio narrates the importance of supporting men’s involvement in the lives of their families, even if it goes against traditional expectations.

MenCare South Africa Film: The Gift of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a gift to children, but it's also a gift to dads. In Khayelitsha, Themba inspires his younger brother, Andrew, who is about to become a father.

MenCare Sri Lanka Film: Steven’s Story

Steven explores his role as the primary caregiver to his boys, while his wife works abroad to support their family.

MenCare Rwanda Film: Landuwari’s Story

This story from Rwanda shows a husband and father's journey to understanding that when men engage as equal partners and caregivers, it benefits women, children, and men themselves.

MenCare Nicaragua Film: Carlos’ Story

In Nicaragua, Carlos speaks out about young men's and boys' experiences with sexual exploitation and abuse.

MenCare Animation: Latin America

A new Spanish-language animation from our MenCare partners in Latin America invites dads to get more actively involved in caring for their children.

Turkey’s MenCare Campaign

MenCare Turkey's "You Are My Father" campaign promotes active and equitable fatherhood, and aims to end violence against women.

Surga Kecil di Bondowoso (Small paradise in Bondowoso)

A religious teacher in Bondowoso, Indonesia upholds gender equality, women's rights and engaging men in domestic work in his community.


This documentary film shares the work and achievements of the MenCare+ Bandebereho project in engaging men in Rwanda.

To be a Dad – Да бъдеш Баща (Bulgarian)

MenCare Bulgaria's film "Тo be a Dad" is part of its award-winning campaign supporting positive parenthood and active fatherhood.

Father’s Day Bulgaria 2014

This film is about an event that celebrated Father's Day and the importance of the father-child relationship in Bulgaria.

MenCare Project World Vision Lanka

This film celebrates active fatherhood and the work of MenCare in Sri Lanka.