Join the Movement: Time for Action

Join the Movement: Time for Action

The inaugural State of the World’s Fathers, a landmark analysis of fatherhood, launched in 2015, inspiring advocacy and action with MenCare partners in over 40 countries. Now, it's time for action.

Featured Videos

It’s About Time: The Case for Parental Leave

Hear from children how paid, equal, non-transferable leave for all parents can benefit us all in "It's About Time: The Case for Parental Leave."

Raising Boys to be Men Who Care

Watch this two-minute animation to learn how you can start reimagining a world free from gender-based violence, using lessons from the MenCare+ program.

America’s Dads: A State of America’s Fathers Film

Men from around the United States share their experiences of fatherhood in America's Dads. They say they can do more. They want to do more. But they can't do it alone.

Being a Father: A State of the World’s Fathers Film

Produced alongside the first-ever State of the World’s Fathers report, "Being a Father" asks fathers, mothers, and children from around the world: "What does fatherhood mean to you?"

More Videos

MenCare Nicaragua Film: Carlos’ Story

In Nicaragua, Carlos speaks out about young men's and boys' experiences with sexual exploitation and abuse.

Life Stories of Young Parents

In 2012 and 2013, REDMAS (the Masculinity Network for Gender Equality) worked with young parents to reflect on the kind of parenting they were practicing.

Vos sos mi papa, Campáña de Paternidades, Red de Masculinidad Nicaragua (REDMAS “You Are My Father”)

A video from the MenCare Nicaragua "You Are My Father" campaign promoting committed and affective paternity.