MenCare’s Darío Ibarra discusses same-sex parents and creating families free of gender stereotypes

Darío Ibarra

This month, psychologist and MenCare partner Darío Ibarra appeared on Desayunos Informales, an Uruguayan television program, to discuss same-sex parents and raising children without reinforcing gender stereotypes. Darío emphasized that to grow up healthy and happy, children need (1) unconditional love, (2) care, (3) a violence-free home, and (4) freedom from gender stereotypes – all 

Happy Mother’s Day from MenCare!

Happy Mother’s Day! From our partners in over 40 countries globally, today and every day we celebrate the incredible role that mothers play in the lives of their children. Whether you are a biological mother or an adoptive one, an aunt, grandmother, teacher, coach, or a role model to a child in your life, thank 

“Being a father is indispensably connected to care”: Bulgaria’s Father’s Week 2016

Students and fathers stand in front of a fire truck.

“As a father today, I am more of a companion to my kids. […] Each one of them is a different world and they want and like different things.” This is just one reflection that emerged from a gathering of six fathers who met during MenCare Bulgaria’s “Fathers’ Eve” event. At the beginning of the country’s Father’s Week in November 2016, we held the event to discuss fatherhood and caregiving with participants.

Creating family-wide and community-wide transformation in Sri Lanka

In 2015 and 2016, World Vision Lanka has engaged hundreds of fathers in the Ambagamuwa Area Development Program (ADP) in caregiving and gender equality, working to create family-wide and community-wide transformation through its MenCare programming. World Vision Lanka has shared stories of the changes men have undergone as a part of the program: reducing their 

Images of Fatherhood: Summary

This English report summarizes the study carried out among a Dutch fathers, obtaining insight into fathers’ involvement in caregiving.

March 2016: 10 ways to leave gender inequality behind and give our children the care they need

Father and daughter in Indonesia walk together holding hands. Credit: Paul Kadarisman.

MenCare’s March newsletter features events and updates from partners in Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Latin America, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, Vietnam, and around the world. Read MenCare’s newly launched platform on parental leave, find out how fathers are standing up to bullying in schools, learn new strategies to overcome resistance to men’s caregiving, and more!

In Vietnam, MenCare helps open photo exhibition on importance of parental leave

A young boy in Vietnam with a hat.

In connection with International Women’s Day, on March 3 the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, Vietnam launched a photo exhibition about fathers and caregiving, “Swedish Dads,” by Swedish photographer Johan Bävman. When Johan Bävman was an expectant father, he had trouble finding information and guidance to help him with his new role as a dad. Thus 

Does facing resistance around men’s caregiving mean we’re making progress in Latin America?

Depending on context, efforts to encourage men to be involved, nonviolent fathers who share caregiving responsibilities can receive warmer or cooler receptions. These mixed reactions lead to the question: how have efforts to involve fathers played out in Latin American countries, which have been historically associated with stereotypes of “machismo” and entrenched patriarchy?