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June 2018: Catalyzing caregiving from Brussels to Beirut

Welcome back to the MenCare newsletter, and happy Father’s Day from all of us at MenCare!

MenCare’s June 2018 newsletter brings you updates from Bolivia, Europe, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Rwanda, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the world. Learn more about the research, programs, and campaigns our partners are leading to engage men in fatherhood and caregiving worldwide!

In this Issue

Featured Story

MenCare presents Father’s Day webinar on innovations in policy advocacy to advance men’s caregiving

Map Marker  Global

Globally, women make up about half of the workforce, but they’re still spending over twice as much time on childcare and domestic work as men are. At MenCare, we believe that true equality will only be reached when men are taking on 50% of the world’s childcare and domestic work; however, estimates say that at...
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MenCare partners advocate for equal, non-transferable, and fully paid parental leave in the European Union

Map Marker  European Union

The European Commission is currently considering a Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers, with the goal of allowing parents and other caregivers to better balance work and family lives and of encouraging more equitable sharing of caregiving between women and men. The directive would introduce 10 working days of paternity leave and 5...
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Fathers in Rwanda use 40% less violence against a partner nearly 2 years after MenCare program, reveals new study

Map Marker  Rwanda

Results from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) released in the journal PLOS ONE reveal powerful impacts of targeted, gender-transformative programming on health and violence in Rwanda. Almost two years after participating in a MenCare fathers’ and couples’ program in Rwanda, men are nearly half as likely to use violence against their female partners and...
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MenCare partner AÇEV engages over 30 companies in Turkey to promote gender equality and involved fatherhood in the private sector

Map Marker  Turkey

The private sector is now widely accepted around the world as a pivotal player in promoting social change and development, and businesses are more accountable than ever for their impact on communities. In Turkey, too, the importance of private-sector engagement in advancing involved fatherhood and gender equality in the workplace has become ever more apparent...
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In Bolivia, “Los papás de hoy” photo exhibition showcases involved fatherhood

Map Marker  Bolivia

MenCare partners from across Latin America participated in the launch of “Los papás de hoy” (“The Dads of Today”) photo exhibition at the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore (MUSEF) in La Paz, Bolivia in January 2018. The exhibition captured the day-to-day moments of modern fatherhood in Bolivia: fathers taking care of their children, playing...
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Promundo and ABAAD adapt Program P in Beirut to promote men’s caregiving, prevention of violence against women, and early childhood development

Map Marker  Lebanon

In 2017, MenCare global co-coordinator Promundo and Lebanese NGO ABAAD launched a project to adapt and implement Program P – a gender-transformative fatherhood methodology – with Lebanese and Syrian fathers and couples in Beirut, with a special focus on early childhood development (ECD). The project is co-funded by UN Women and by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Prevention+. The...
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Fatherhood México is promoting fathers’ positive involvement through collaboration and partnership

Map Marker  Mexico

MenCare partner Fatherhood México is partnering with for-profit and nonprofit groups to raise awareness of the important role that fathers can play in their children’s lives, and of the benefits for families and communities when men are actively, responsibly involved in fatherhood and care. Fatherhood México is currently collaborating with DadBox, a monthly subscription service...
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MenCare partner Parteciparte’s play spreads messages about caring forms of masculinity across Italy

Map Marker  Italy

In Italy, MenCare partner Parteciparte is using its Theatre of the Oppressed to engage men and boys in exploring positive and caring forms of masculinity. Proving successful in Rome, the play “Uomini Che Provano” [“Men Who Try”] is now being performed in local community venues across the country. The play features a range of topics...
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Program P webinar highlights gender-transformative programming to engage men in equitable caregiving

Map Marker  United States

On February 20, 2018, MenCare global co-coordinator Promundo presented the webinar “Ask the Expert: Program P: Engaging Men in Fatherhood and Care through Gender-Transformative Programming.” Hosted by Healthy Start EPIC Center, the conversation discussed strategies for implementing Fatherhood 2.0, the United States adaptation of Program P, MenCare’s gender-transformative curriculum providing concrete strategies and activities to...
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Featured Film

Fathers of the World – It’s Time for Action!

MenCare partner MÄN created the film Fathers of the World – It’s Time for Action! to highlight the 2017 State of the World’s Fathers: Time for Action report in Sweden.

Watch the film here.

Recommended Read

Women work more unpaid hours than men

Newsweek highlights the State of the World’s Fathers report’s analysis of 75 countries showing that women complete more unpaid work than men in every region of the world.

Read more in Newsweek here.

Recommended Research

Involving men to improve maternal and newborn health

A new research article, published in PLOS ONE, provides a systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions to involve men to improve maternal and newborn health.

Read more at PLOS ONE here.

Review of research on British dads

The Fatherhood Institute’s new series of reports, Contemporary Fathers in the UK, is the most comprehensive review ever undertaken in Britain on decades of research into the roles of fathers in families.

Read more at the Fatherhood Institute here.

Policy in Play

G7 Presidency

Recommendations from the Gender Equality Advisory Council for Canada's G7 Presidency include the goal of men doing 50% unpaid domestic and care work within a generation, with non-transferable parental leave to support this goal.

Read more in Canada's 2018 G7 Presidency here.

Unpaid Care – Why and How to Invest

A new policy briefing, produced by Oxfam, presents selected evidence and examples of investments around unpaid care and provides recommendations for national governments.

Read more at Oxfam here.

Your SDG5 Toolbox

Your SDG5 Toolbox, by Women Thrive Alliance, contains practical information to understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG5.4 focused on unpaid care and domestic work, and to play a role in achieving gender equality by 2030.

Read more at Women Thrive here.

Who’s Who at MenCare

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MenCare Global Co-Coordinator
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MenCare Communications & Advocacy
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MenCare News & Communications
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MenCare Updates & Media
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MenCare New Partners
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