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April 2017: Involving dads in care from Italy to Indonesia

MenCare’s April 2017 newsletter brings you updates from Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, and the United States. Learn more about the research, programs, and campaigns our partners are leading to engage men in fatherhood and caregiving around the world!

In this Issue

Featured Story

“Où t’es, papa?”: A child’s perspective on the effect of the MenCare program in South Africa

Map Marker  South Africa

In 2013, Belgian hip-hop artist Stromae released the single Papaoutai. In the song, he expresses frustration with his absent father, continually asking in the chorus: “Où t’es, papa, où t’es?” (in English, “Daddy, where are you?”). In the music video that was released with the hit, we see a young boy trying to reach his unresponsive father...
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“Caregiving to help children blossom”: MenCare Bulgaria launches new guidebook for parents on caregiving

Map Marker  Bulgaria

MenCare partner Association Roditeli recently launched a guidebook for Bulgarian parents, entitled Caregiving to help children blossom, as part of MenCare Bulgaria’s “Being a Dad” campaign. The guidebook is based on a publication for social workers, Guidelines for Secure Family Environment, created by the For Our Children Foundation. For Our Children has received praise...
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MenCare classes begin in Sri Lanka’s Nuwareliya Area Program

Map Marker  Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, MenCare partner World Vision Lanka works to implement MenCare fathers’ groups in different areas of the country. In 2017, with a consolidated model, four previously separate World Vision Lanka Area Development Programs (ADP) are now working together as one Area Program (AP) in the Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka. This year...
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MenCare partners celebrate Gender Week in Georgia with a focus on involved fatherhood

Map Marker  Georgia

On March 2, 2017, partners and supporters of the MenCare campaign in Tbilisi held an event to celebrate Georgia’s Gender Week and to reinforce men’s support for achieving gender equality. Gender Week, led by the United Nations in Georgia, in cooperation with the Government, Parliament, civil society, private sector and international partners, celebrates the progress...
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In Timor Leste, Rutgers WPF Indonesia and partners build on lessons learned from MenCare+

Map Marker  Timor Leste

MenCare partner Rutgers WPF Indonesia collaborated with Marie Stopes Timor Leste (MSTL), a reproductive health and family planning organization, to host “A Gender-Transformative Approach to Engaging Men in Reducing Gender-Based Violence” on February 7–10, 2017. Twenty-three health providers in Timor Leste participated in this three-day training on how to involve men as active participants and...
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New book provides fathers with prenatal self-care techniques

Map Marker  United States

In the United States, MenCare partner Fathers’ Uplift released the first edition of a book outlining a new intervention for fathers, in January 2017. Titled Pre-Father Care: Prenatal Care for Fathers, the book establishes a safe environment where fathers-to-be, fathers, and father figures can receive support – in the comfort of their own homes or in...
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“I am here because I believe in equality”: MenCare partners celebrate Father’s Day in Italy

Map Marker  Italy

In Italy – and in several other countries around the world – Father’s Day is celebrated annually on March 19. This year, MenCare partner Il Giardino dei Padri, a network of organizations working on fatherhood and caregiving in Italy, have organized a series of Father’s Day events around a common set of messages. Their campaign...
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Update on parental leave in Russia

Map Marker  Russia

New fathers in Russia are not guaranteed any paid paternity leave (leave designated specifically for fathers). However, the Russian government does provide paid parental leave that can be used by one of a child’s parents – mother or father – or the child’s primary caregiver. It consists of 18 months of paid leave at 40...
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Featured Publication

Program P in Russian

Program P – MenCare's manual for engaging men in fatherhood, in caregiving, and in maternal, newborn, and child health – is now available in Russian.

Read and download the manual in Russian here.

Featured Research

Images of Fatherhood: Summary

Images of Fatherhood: Summary highlights results from the Dutch research report Visies op vaderschap, produced as part of the MenCare campaign. The report shares the results of quantitative research conducted in the Netherlands about fathers’ roles in domestic and care work, based on the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES).

Read the summary here.

Featured Poster

MenCare Program in Sri Lankan Tea Estate Area

World Vision Lanka’s research poster, “Improved child care practices and nutrition through MenCare Fatherhood Programme in Sri Lankan Tea Estate Area,” analyzes the MenCare program implemented in the Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka and its effects on childcare and nutrition.

See the poster here.

Recommended Reads

Happy Feminist Father’s Day

“Feminism is an extraordinary opportunity to make ourselves better fathers and more equitable men.” On March 19, which is Father’s Day in Spain, Ritxar Bacete writes in El País about MenCare’s State of the World’s Fathers report and the importance of active, gender-equitable fatherhood all year long.

Read the full article in Spanish, “¡Feliz día del padre feminista! (y los 364 días que quedan para demostrarlo),” here.

Why men matter in closing the caregiving divide

The involvement of men and boys is a prerequisite for shifting social norms around unpaid care work. Promundo’s Jane Kato-Wallace highlights the implications for organizations addressing the caregiving divide in Oxfam’s Women's Economic Empowerment in Agriculture Knowledge Hub.

Read the full article here.

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MenCare Global Co-Coordinator
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Giovanna Lauro
MenCare Global Advocacy
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