June 2016: A global fatherhood movement in 40+ countries

A father holds a baby. Photo: Johan Bävman /

MenCare’s June newsletter features events and updates from partners in Brazil, Chile, Italy, Kosovo, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States, and worldwide. Read up on fatherhood research that is being used for advocacy and action; watch children tell us why equal, nontransferable paid leave is important 

April 2016: Using research and media to reframe fatherhood

A father in Croatia holds a sign that reads: "I am not ashamed to show tenderness."

MenCare’s April newsletter features events and updates from partners in the Balkans, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. Learn about dads who are going (back) to school, a hit TV series changing caregiving norms, Father’s Day celebrations with a purpose, and more!

March 2016: 10 ways to leave gender inequality behind and give our children the care they need

Father and daughter in Indonesia walk together holding hands. Credit: Paul Kadarisman.

MenCare’s March newsletter features events and updates from partners in Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Latin America, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, Vietnam, and around the world. Read MenCare’s newly launched platform on parental leave, find out how fathers are standing up to bullying in schools, learn new strategies to overcome resistance to men’s caregiving, and more!

February 2016: From Bulgaria to Bangladesh, connecting dads around the world

A father and child look into the distance.

MenCare’s February newsletter features events and updates from our partners in Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, the United States, and from others around the world. Learn how our partners are investigating technology’s ability to connect family members; exchanging lessons for successful fatherhood programming across countries; showcasing violence prevention strategies; and 

January 2016: A new year of involving men in fatherhood and caregiving

A joyful father holds his smiling, toddler son close in Peru.

Happy New Year to all MenCare partners, colleagues, and friends! In 2016, join us in continuing to engage men as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers around the world. MenCare’s first newsletter of 2016 features events and updates from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Peru, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Uruguay. Find out how our partners are campaigning to end gender-based 

November 2015: Sharing the carework from Nicaragua to Nepal

Father and child make orange juice together in still from MenCare Bulgaria's film "To Be A Dad."

MenCare’s November newsletter features events and updates from our partners in the Balkans, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and more. Read up on work around the world to engage fathers and communities in innovative ways – from rolling out nationwide media campaigns to training health professionals 

October 2015: Involving dads from the start

Andrew holds his newborn in a still from "MenCare Short: South Africa."

MenCare’s October newsletter features events and updates from our partners in more than 17 countries around the world. Read up on the launch of new MenCare campaigns, an award-winning mobile parenting app, cross-country fatherhood collaborations, and more!

August 2015: From religious leaders to health professionals, here’s how we’re promoting involved fatherhood

MenCare’s August newsletter features events and updates from our partners in Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Peru, Portugal, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and worldwide. Learn about the launch of new MenCare campaigns, read up on religious leaders and health professionals supporting men’s caregiving, check out innovative initiatives to involve dads for Father’s Day (and “Father’s Month”), and more!