“Day of Co-Responsibility” at one of Mexico’s largest universities promotes gender equality at home and at work

  MenCare partner Cómplices por la Equidad participated in a “Day of Co-Responsibility” on June 16, 2017 at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), one of Mexico’s largest polytechnic universities. Building on the MenCare campaign’s advocacy for gender equality in paid and unpaid work, this event created a safe space within the university community for reflection 

Changing the role of a father in his family in Sri Lanka

A growing and overwhelming body of evidence confirms that engaged fatherhood is good for children, good for women, and good for men themselves. But not many fathers know it. In the majority of Sri Lankan families, cooking, feeding, washing, cleaning, and bringing up children is perceived as a woman’s responsibility. 

In Italy, taking action to redefine a father’s role within family and society

MenCare partner Il Giardino dei Padri is a network of organizations working on fatherhood and caregiving in Italy. Its members include associations that are grounded in the field of gender studies, as well as organizations with years of experience working with men of all ages. With initiatives such as Il Cerchio dei Papà (The Dads’ 

MenCare Bangladesh’s Prio Baba campaign recognizes 8 fathers championing the empowerment of women and girls

With the motto, “Prio Baba: Responsible Father, Happy Family, Prosperous Country,” the Prio Baba (“Dear Father”) campaign in Bangladesh has successfully completed a 21-month research initiative carried out by MenCare partner Center for Men and Masculinities Studies (CMMS). The initiative was implemented by CMMS and funded by the UBS Optimus Fund, with technical support from 

Making it easier for dads to raise their children

If we can find an answer to the question of greater involvement by fathers in the care of their children, millions of women and children will benefit from better care and dads themselves will have an improved quality of life.