A letter to my daughter

It’s hard to believe that next week, you’ll turn two years old. The day you were born seems like yesterday. You were so beautiful and innocent. You were healthy. We knew we were lucky. In those first precious hours of life, you slept soundly on your mother’s chest. I watched you in the darkness, quietly, in awe. 

Join MenCare in solidarity at your local #FridaysForFuture march to show that we can listen, care, and act for the future of our children and planet

Greta Thunberg, a young activist from Sweden is inspiring changemakers all over the world. The 16-year old student made global headlines in February 2019 when, during a speech at the European Parliament, she called on the European Union (EU) to double its climate change reduction targets in order to keep global warming below 1.5 °C.  

State of the World’s Fathers report to launch June 2019 in advance of Father’s Day

In June 2019, at the Women Deliver Global Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Promundo and Sonke Gender Justice will launch MenCare’s third-ever State of the World’s Fathers report with its Steering Committee and partners, featuring new, cross-country analysis and data on men’s caregiving. The report, sponsored by Unilever, Dove Men+Care, calls for men’s uptake of their full share 

Berlin Fathers Center creates space for fathers of all identities

Väterzentrum Berlin (Berlin Fathers Center) was founded by Eberhard Schäfer and Marc Schulte with the mission of providing programming and facilitating dialogue for fathers of all identities. In addition to the “Daddy Café,” where dads in parental leave situations meet for informal learning, the Center provides programs aimed at preparing men to become loving, caring, and 

My experience becoming the primary caregiver for our children

When I was nearing 40, with two children aged 2 and 5 years old, I felt the need to start prioritizing. Having spent more than ten years in a marketing office, working more than ten hours a day, my routine involved coming home in the evening too tired to play with my children. I felt time passing too quickly, and I was missing a lot. My wife had always been dedicated to the family, sacrificing her professional life. In our case, both maternal and paternal grandparents were too far, and babysitters cost more than half a salary. 

MenCare Georgia presents at Frankfurt International Book Fair

The MenCare Georgia campaign, which won first place in Emerging Europe’s 2018 Equality-Friendly Initiative of the Year contest, was invited to present at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, where Georgia was recognized as the Guest of Honor this year.