MenCare partner AÇEV engages over 30 companies in Turkey to promote gender equality and involved fatherhood in the private sector

A father and child play together. Photo courtesy of AÇEV.

The private sector is now widely accepted around the world as a pivotal player in promoting social change and development, and businesses are more accountable than ever for their impact on communities. In Turkey, too, the importance of private-sector engagement in advancing involved fatherhood and gender equality in the workplace has become ever more apparent. 

Fatherhood México is promoting fathers’ positive involvement through collaboration and partnership

MenCare partner Fatherhood México is partnering with for-profit and nonprofit groups to raise awareness of the important role that fathers can play in their children’s lives, and of the benefits for families and communities when men are actively, responsibly involved in fatherhood and care. Fatherhood México is currently collaborating with DadBox, a monthly subscription service 

On International Women’s Day, MenCare advocates for redistribution of unpaid care work to promote gender equality

On March 8, organizations, activists, and individuals around the world will commemorate International Women’s Day, celebrating women’s empowerment and highlighting efforts still needed to reach true gender equality. This International Women’s Day, MenCare: A Global Fatherhood Campaign is sharing messaging around the importance of recognizing and redistributing unpaid care work between men and women as a 

Promundo and ABAAD adapt Program P in Beirut to promote men’s caregiving, prevention of violence against women, and early childhood development

In 2017, MenCare global co-coordinator Promundo and Lebanese NGO ABAAD launched a project to adapt and implement Program P – a gender-transformative fatherhood methodology – with Lebanese and Syrian fathers and couples in Beirut, with a special focus on early childhood development (ECD). The project comes after ABAAD, in partnership with Save the Children, produced an Arabic-language version of Program P 

In Russia, an interactive map and online portal are bringing together organizations that work with fathers

At an event in St. Petersburg on December 1, 2017, MenCare partners in Russia launched an interactive map showing the Russian organizations, centers, and activist groups that are working to engage men as involved fathers and caregivers in the country, as part of the new “Отцовство в России” (“Fatherhood in Russia”) online portal. The interactive