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June 2017: Taking action to share the care and promote equality

"Konstantin Grigoriev and his daughter Elina." Photo by Tatiana Grigorieva, Russia.

MenCare’s June 2017 newsletter brings you updates from Albania, Georgia, Indonesia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and around the world. Check out highlights from MenCare’s second-ever global meeting; read new national, regional, and global research on the state of fatherhood; and learn how partners around the world are celebrating Father’s 

April 2017: Involving dads in care from Italy to Indonesia

MenCare’s April 2017 newsletter brings you updates from Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, and the United States. Learn more about the research, programs, and campaigns our partners are leading to engage men in fatherhood and caregiving around the world!

February 2017: Exploring active fatherhood from Bolivia to Bulgaria

Photo credit: Sarah Isaacson

Happy New Year to our MenCare partners, colleagues, and friends! In 2017, join us in continuing to engage men as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers worldwide. MenCare’s first newsletter of 2017 features events and updates from Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and around the world. Check out 

December 2016: MenCare stories you loved in 2016

A smiling couple. Photo by Seth Chase (2014).

2016 has been an eventful year for MenCare. From the unveiling of the MenCare Parental Leave Platform, to launching a new webinar series, to expanding the campaign to more than 40 countries, we have made significant strides towards a more equitable, nonviolent world. MenCare’s December newsletter highlights our partners’ top stories this year, with updates from 

November 2016: Fathers creating safe spaces for children

A father looks at his smiling son.

MenCare’s November newsletter brings you updates from Bulgaria, Guatemala, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Serbia, Sri Lanka, the United States, and around the world. Read up on campaigns to engage fathers in violence prevention, learn more about programming to involve dads in children’s health and nutrition, and check out calls for evidence on respectful maternity care and 

September 2016: Sharing the care from Bulgaria to Brazil

A man and his daughter in Rwanda. Photo by Perttu Saralampi.

MenCare’s September newsletter brings you updates from our partners in Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, Rwanda, South Africa, and around the world. Read up on national advocacy to expand paid paternity leave, learn about strategies to engage dads in early childhood education, and tune in to MenCare’s next webinar on preventing corporal punishment.

August 2016: Featuring fathers from Serbia to Sri Lanka

A father looks affectionately at his baby. Photo: Branko Birač / Centar E8.

MenCare’s August newsletter brings you updates from our partners in Brazil, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Read up on the research, programs, and campaigns that our partners are leading around the world to positively engage men in fatherhood and caregiving.

July 2016: Taking on an equal share of the care

A smiling father feeds his laughing daughter.

MenCare’s July newsletter features events and updates from partners in Bulgaria, Canada, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the United States, and worldwide. Watch MenCare’s webinar on men and unpaid care, read up on research and advocacy around involved fatherhood, learn about partners’ Father’s Day celebrations around the world, and more!