From New York to Nairobi, world’s first State of the World’s Fathers report reveals involved fatherhood is critical to gender equality and child development

State of the World’s Fathers co-author Michael Kaufman speaks to the press outside of the U.S. Capitol. Credit: Promundo-US

The first State of the World’s Fathers report launched globally on June 16 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Other international launches, in 10 cities around the world, were held at the US Congress as well as parliaments in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. From New York to Nairobi, here are some of the highlights. 

MenCare partner Center E8 launches “Super Dad” campaign in Serbia


In May, MenCare partner Center E8 launched the “Super Dad” fatherhood campaign in Serbia – its first MenCare campaign activity. The organization engaged several well-known fathers to appear on its materials and act as ambassadors of the campaign. They include: Srđan Dinčić: A comedian who performs stand-up comedy and writes for a popular local TV show 

Maternal health – what fathers have to do with it

Image of a man in South Africa speaking to the camera, from the film "Being a Father"

The old trope of a man nervously pacing the hospital’s waiting area, wringing his hands, while his wife labors in a private back room is reserved for old movies and nostalgia, right? That may not be true, according to State of the World’s Fathers, the world’s first report to provide a global view of the state of men’s contributions to parenting and caregiving. 

Multi-country MenCare campaign launches in northwest Balkans

A man and a women walk outside on a path holding hands with their young daughter.

CARE International Balkans, supported by Austrian Development Cooperation and Oak Foundation, launched the MenCare campaign in five countries in northwest Balkans on May 15, 2015. MenCare, a global fatherhood campaign, promotes men’s involvement as equitable, nonviolent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family wellbeing, gender equality, and better health for mothers, fathers, and children. 

World Vision Lanka hosts MenCare family retreat in Ambagamuwa around Father’s Day

A family receives a graduation certificate at MenCare Sri Lanka's June 2015 family retreat.

World Vision Lanka, MenCare Sri Lanka’s coordinator, hosted a MenCare retreat for 20 families in June 2015. Eighty-six participants took part in the two-day residential program for families from the Ambagamuwa Area Development Program. As part of the retreat activities, MenCare facilitators conducted the two final sessions from their MenCare fathers’ group module, focusing on themes