“Happy Fatherhood” campaign launches in Kyrgyzstan’s Chui province


On June 23, the UNFPA country office in Kyrgyzstan launched a MenCare campaign in the country’s Chui province, kicking off the initiative with a roundtable meeting in the capital city of Bishkek. The meeting aimed to raise awareness among policymakers about the importance of better engaging fathers in caregiving. This is a critical issue in 

MenCare+ Indonesia expands work in East Java and Papua

Three young men hold hands at a MenCare+ Indonesia facilitator training in Papua.

In August, MenCare+ Indonesia expanded its work engaging men and fathers in health promotion and violence prevention in two regions. In Papua, MenCare+ began a pilot project to reduce the region’s high rates of violence against women and children, while in East Java, it scaled up work to get men involved in the health sector. 

In Tanzania, Baba Bora campaign works to end violence against women and children

Musical performance with children at the Zanzibar International Film Festival 2015.

A new initiative to engage fathers in changing attitudes and behaviors toward women and children has Tanzanians taking note. The campaign, known as Baba Bora and Mama Shujaa (“Good Father and Super Woman”), is working to engage men and boys in preventing violence and promoting gender equality in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. An initiative coordinated 

Fathering from the beginning: MenCare partner launches fatherhood campaign in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

A father holds a baby as a another child gives the baby a kiss.

In recent years, communities and countries around the world have begun to perceive fatherhood differently. They are leaving behind the stereotype of “fathers as breadwinners” and emphasizing the active involvement of fathers and other male caregivers – like stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and old brothers – in the lives of children. Fatherhood campaigns, like MenCare, are 

Men’s role in breastfeeding: Interview with Thulani Velebayi

Thulani and Yolanda Velebayi with baby Luncuthu.

Men can play an important role when it comes to breastfeeding. In the following interview, Thulani Velebayi, a MenCare Trainer with Sonke Gender Justice, speaks about his understanding of and experience with breastfeeding. This interview originally appeared in the August 2015 print issue of Your Wellness Matters, a South African publication.