MenCare Bulgaria hosts “Being a Dad” conference to engage fathers in education and social work

On December 1, 2016, partners of Bulgaria’s national “Being A Dad” campaign, including Association Roditeli, organized the “Being A Dad” conference in Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 90 participants. The goal of the conference was to share experiences of partners from across the country and to form recommendations for Bulgarian kindergartens, schools, and organizations that 

MenCare partners launch adaptation of Program P for Bolivia

Program P – Bolivia

In December 2016, MenCare partners launched Program P Bolivia, an adaptation of MenCare’s Program P methodology, specific to the context of El Alto, Bolivia. Program P, named for “padre” in Spanish and “pai” in Portuguese, meaning “father,” provides concrete strategies and activities to engage men in active fatherhood from their partners’ pregnancies through their children’s 

MenCare partner Center E8 adapts viral “Dear Daddy” short film for Serbia

As part of its “Super Dad” campaign, Center E8, a MenCare partner in Serbia, developed a Serbian adaptation and voice-over of the “Dear Daddy” short film originally created by CARE Norway. The moving 5-minute video, “Dear Daddy,” is an appeal to fathers around the world to show that violence against women is never acceptable. It 

At Moscow conference, MenCare partners in Russia launch fatherhood research

Two new publications highlighting equitable and nonviolent fatherhood were presented at the “Fatherhood in Russia Today” conference in Moscow on December 7-8, 2016. Russian and international researchers attended the conference alongside representatives of state and public organizations from Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States. The first report, State of the World’s Fathers, was