Join MenCare During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

16 Days of Action Logo

From November 25 to December 10, thousands of organizations around the world will participate in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. MenCare is joining these voices in advocating and acting against gender-based violence (GBV). The 16 Days Campaign aims to raise awareness, strengthen local and national programs, and advocate for government policies to eliminate all 

MenCare partners hold regional conference on fatherhood and caregiving in the Balkans

Four photos from MenCare campaigns in the Balkans.

CARE International Balkans and its regional partners organized a conference on MenCare, fatherhood, and caregiving in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 11-13. The goal of the conference, “Fatherhood and Gender-Equitable Parenting in the Balkans: Practice, Policy and Research,” is to promote best practices and policies that support fathers and caregivers to be more actively 

In Bulgaria, MenCare goes to school

Participants in MenCare Bulgaria's educational workshop for first-grade teachers.

In September and October, MenCare Bulgaria partner Association Roditeli launched its second educational workshop for teachers. Sixteen first-grade teachers from four schools in northwestern Bulgaria attended the workshop to discuss good practices for building closer connections between fathers, their children, and the school community. The first-grade teachers’ workshop is an extension of Association Roditeli’s work 

“Anti-Machismo Brigade” takes to the streets of Lima to challenge sexism

Youth in Lima participate in a street performance as part of the "Anti-Machismo Brigade."

In a new initiative, MenCare Peru partner Red Peruana de Masculinidades is encouraging youth to challenge sexism through public art and education. October 24 marked the initiative’s first activity, in which dozens of youth joined a street performance, provoking bystanders to challenge gender stereotypes and respect sexual diversity. Due to the success of this first 

Around the world, MenCare partners are promoting involved fatherhood through film

d together by candlelight in still from World Vision Lanka's MenCare TV spot.

MenCare’s media campaigns, adapted around the world, inspire men, their families, and their communities to support men’s caregiving. As part of these campaigns, MenCare partners in more than 10 countries have produced short films that tell powerful stories of men rising above violence, overcoming childhood trauma, and combatting traditional gender norms to become involved fathers 

Guatemala raises minimum legal age of marriage to 18

Aracely was 11 when she married her husband, who was 34. Now 15, she is raising her son on her own. Copyright © Stephanie Sinclair.

In an expedited vote, Guatemala raised the minimum legal age of marriage last week to 18 years old for both girls and boys, reports MenCare partner ECPAT Guatemala. Before the country’s Congress passed this measure to prevent child marriage, the legal age to marry was 14 years old for girls and 16 years old for